(3). Appointed Affiliate Representative:
The International Commercial Management Institute (ICMI)

  • Datuk Tan Wei Choon, DIMP
  • B.Eng., C.Mgt.FNIIBT British
  • Partner cum National Adviser


(Right) Chairman of Board of Trustees of ICMI
Dato Dr. Yusoff Bin Hassan,
Cert. Edu., DSSA, J.P., PhD., C.Mgt.FNIIBT British, (former MP) 

The International Commercial Management Institute
License no: MDKS 71455.
{Cost- effective Training & Educational Consultancy Services}
Appointed Affiliate Representative of
Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology British
Plaza MDKS, 7B, Jalan Ibrahim, Kuala Selangor, West Malaysia.

 Regional Secretary: Mohamed Salleh

 Liaison Director: Amin Bin Talib, C.Mgt.FNIIBT British
Email: ks@icmi.com.my
Tel: 010-8022518